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SEQ-War spirit FX-System Error FX-Round FX-Coming SEQ-Chameleon SEQ-Shroomastic FX-No control SEQ-Digitech SEQ-Sirius FX-Down town FX-My cat loves darkpsy SEQ-Hold-breath SEQ-Froggy FX-Panic SEQ-Pluto LEAD-Beast LEAD-FM SEQ-Squelcher LEAD-Blue ATMO-Falling stars ATMO-It's getting dark SEQ-Dizzle LEAD-Nasty LEAD-Nightwalker STAB-Plaze LEAD-Sharp LEAD-Talk SEQ-Areas ATMO-Danger ATMO-Zap SEQ-Around the forest FX-Fate SEQ-Lurker SEQ-Mars SEQ-Ozone SEQ-Steel SEQ-Wasp STAB-Boiler STAB-FM STAB-FM3 STAB-Me